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  Valley Outreach Programs  

Valley Outreach Annual Report 2013-2014

Valley Outreach primarily serves families and individuals living in the Stillwater Area Public School District  (ISD 834). We welcome all those in need, regardless of residency, to call or come in during service hours to determine how Valley Outreach can help. Our services are provided in a welcoming and non-judgmental manner that maintains our clients’ dignity. We focus on respect, support and empowerment of those we serve. At Valley Outreach, we believe the manner in which we serve our clients is just as important as the services we provide. Integral to our success and growth are our partners - other local nonprofits, community foundations, faith communities, individual donors and a strong network of committed volunteers.

Our Mission:  Valley Outreach is a bridge between the crisis of the moment and the solution of the future.  We help our St. Croix Valley neighbors in need of food, clothing, emergency financial assistance and other support while respecting their individual dignity and offering them encouragement and hope.

Our Goals:  We serve our St. Croix Valley neighbors by providing food, clothing, emergency financial assistance, providing education and support services, while respecting individual dignity and offering encouragement and hope.

Geographic Area & Community Served

The St. Croix Valley doesn’t exactly top the list when we discuss poverty. Many of us think of more vivid examples reflected over the years - rural, Appalachian communities or urban, crowded, metropolitan areas. However, in our community, we have a story of suburban poverty. The dynamics of “place” and the issues that affect families and individual are different here than in our sister communities in greater Minnesota or directly within the boundaries of the Twin Cities. 

The New York Times stated (May 2014) that in the “...five decades since President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a war on poverty, the nation’s poor are more likely to be found in suburbs…and poverty is suburbs is rising faster than in any other setting in the country. By 2011, there were 3 million more people living in poverty in suburbs than in inner cities.”

“Last night, we helped with a client’s critical need in the form of an interview outfit.
Today she is interviewing for a case management position, and
our volunteers helped her pick out a very stylish and professional outfit.
While she was checking out, she shared how excited
she now felt for her interview and how grateful she is for the Clothing Closet.
To quote, 'I keep wanting to write you all a letter about how helpful this has been
for me to get started in a new career.' It was so great to see the confidence
and positivity she left with that evening.”
- Valley Outreach Staff


Food Shelf

Valley Outreach has been feeding our neighbors in need since 1983. The Valley Outreach Food Shelf offers a choice model where clients shop for their specific needs, honoring individual, family and cultural preferences while offering fresh produce and a variety of healthier food options. The Food Shelf provides non-perishable items (canned and boxed foods) in addition to fresh produce, deli items, milk, eggs, margarine, frozen meats and other perishable products as available.

There are four food outreach programs offered through our Food Shelf:

Bonus Fridays is an opportunity for clients to receive additional perishable food items (such as fresh produce, deli items, and bread) to help stretch food resources and provide ongoing access to fresh foods.  It is open to clients of Valley Outreach and others who find themselves in need of emergency food assistance.

Each week, approximately 75 households are served by the Bonus Friday fresh food distribution.

Snack Pack is a program available to families with elementary school age children who can sign up to receive weekend packs of kid-friendly meal and snack items. This program helps to alleviate hunger over the weekend, when free and reduced school lunches are not available.

In its pilot year, approximately 120 elementary age students in three different schools received critical weekend snacks and meals as part of the Snack Pack program.  The program is expanding to all elementary schools for the 2014-15 school year.

Mobile Choice is a home-delivery program offered to clients with limited mobility due to age, health and/or disability.  Clients place an order indicating their food preferences which is then packed and delivered to their home by trained volunteers. 

The Mobile Choice program is in its pilot year, serving an average of 12 households a month.

Nutrition Assistance Program for Seniors (NAPS) is a USDA commodities food program for low-income seniors offered in partnership with Second Harvest Heartland and Trinity Lutheran Church in Stillwater.  Each month, eligible seniors receive a box of healthy, non-perishable food items, and Valley Outreach provides a supplemental bag of assorted fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Over 60 senior households receive supplemental healthy food from the NAPS program each month.

Through our various food shelf programs, we distribute approximately 575,000 meals each year.

During the last fiscal year, there were 8,401 visits to the Valley Outreach Food Shelf programs, through which 749,068 pounds of food were distributed to 1,351 unique households, reaching 3,683 unique individuals.

Of those served:

  • 37% were children 

  • 42% of households used the program for the first time ever 

  • 62% of households used the food shelf because their income is limited or inadequate (reflective of high housing, medical etc. costs and/or inadequate/not-livable wages)

  • 20% used the food shelf because of a job loss

  • 10% needed the food shelf because of a medical reason or illness

  • 7% of households served last year had no permanent shelter (classified as homeless)

"My husband had a stroke back in June. He has not worked since then.
I was told about your snack pack through Afton-Lakeland School.
We have now received the pack four times. My son just loves Fridays
and coming home to look at the treats just for him. 
Thank you so very, very much!!" 
- Valley Outreach Client

Clothing Closet

Dawn Beedle was the visionary behind Dawn’s Closet, now known as the Clothing Closet. The Clothing Closet provides men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, including socks and underwear. The selection of clothing available for all ages gives clients an opportunity to ensure growing children have clothes that fit, adults can dress confidently for the workplace, all individuals are warm and comfortable in the winter months, and that all have access to the basic clothing needs of socks and underwear.

We provide clothing to an average of 110 families each month.

During the last fiscal year, there were 1,305 visits to the Valley Outreach Clothing Closet and 38,099 items of clothing were distributed to clients in need. 

Emergency Fund

The Valley Outreach Emergency Fund offers financial assistance to individuals and families in crisis. We support those facing financial adversity by providing funds for rental and mortgage expenses, heat and utility services, car repair that maintains transportation to work and critical healthcare needs such as prescription medications.

In the past year, we have distributed approximately $75,000 in financial assistance to 300 households (721 individuals) through the Emergency Fund.

Resource Advising

Assisting our clients as they navigate through difficult, and often unexpected, life situations is a goal of Valley Outreach. When a client’s needs go beyond the core programs offered at Valley Outreach, we work with them to bridge the gap by making connections to additional resources and organizations. This can include where and how to obtain medical aid, additional food support, find affordable housing and link to job and skill-building programs. We do this to move people towards a higher level of self-sufficiency.

In the last year, we served 979 unique households through Resource Advising, representing 2643 unique individuals who have been positively impacted by this program.

Volunteer Program 

Volunteers are a vital part of Valley Outreach and play a significant role in helping individuals and families through a difficult time in their life. Every week, our dedicated team of volunteers donates hours of their time as they assist in the operation of our programs. Valley Outreach has many volunteer opportunities in our Food Shelf, Clothing Closet, and administrative offices for both groups and individuals. 

Last year, 1,320 unique volunteers contributed 25,000 hours to Valley Outreach, an increase of 15% from the previous year.  That is the equivalent to more than 12 Staff Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)! 

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful help in finding a coat and shoes for a child
at our school. This will make a child very happy today.
So again, thank you for your time and effort with this!" 
- Elementary School Staff Member

2013-2014 Financials

Full financials available upon request (info@valleyoutreachmn.org). 

Major Program Expenses:
Food Shelf - $1,168,344; Clothing Closet - $215,466; Emergency Fund - $150,942; Resource Advising - $80,709.21
Audit FY2013-2014
Federal 990 2014

Board of Directors (Active during FY2013-2014)

Jan Hallstrom - Chair
Linda Friesen - Former Chair
Mike Ptacek - Former Chair
Kathy Saltzman - Vice Chair
Peggy Ahola - Treasurer
Kyle Johnson - Secretary
Buff Grace
Bruce Holcomb
Marc Kimball
Wendy Mortimer
Andy Rollwagen
Mike Steblay - Former Treasurer

Current Staff

Tracy Maki - Executive Director
Cynthia Frederick - Emergency Fund Coordinator
Julie Froslan - Food Shelf/Clothing Closet Manager
Jake Kunkel - AmeriCorps VISTA Member
Suzanne Lindquist - Volunteer Coordinator
Kris Huntley - Resource Liaison
Liz (Stone) Riley - Director of Programs
Kateri Routh - Director of Operations


We make every effort to correctly recognize our generous donors. If you find an error relating to your name, please accept our apologies and contact info@valleyoutreachmn.org with the correction.

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Valley Outreach is a bridge between the crisis of the moment and the solution of the future. We help our St. Croix Valley neighbors in need of food, clothing, emergency financial assistance, and other support while respecting their individual dignity and offering them encouragement and hope.

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