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  Valley Outreach Programs  


Providing food and necessities
for our hungry neighbors.


Supporting individuals &
families in a time of need
with basic clothing essentials.


Assisting those in our community
through financial crisis.


Donate and make a difference in our Community.


Volunteers are always welcome.

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fill (y)our closet, a POP-UP sale with a purpose
May 30, 9:00 a.m. - noon
Valley Outreach, 1901 Curve Crest Blvd. West, Stillwater, MN 55082
Call 651-430-2739 for more information or if you have clothing to donate

 Join us for the best pop-up sale of its kind: fill (y)our closet: a POP-UP sale with a purpose. 100% of the proceeds go directly back to fund the Clothing Closet. Come to find women and men's clothing, or better yet, discover just the vintage or outlandish outfit you've been searching for.
Last year, Valley Outreach had 12,000 individual items of clothing donated, made available to clients, but not selected by clients as part of the free clothing program. At the same time, we discovered we didn't always have the exact kind of items clients needed, such as large sized clothing for men, or enough new socks, underwear, and winter gear to make it through the year. Valley Outreach staff and volunteers created the idea of a pop-up sale. 
Come to the sale looking for your next favorite outfit, leave with your new treasure and the knowledge that you've helped get the right items to families in need. Watch our Facebook account this month for some items that will be for sale, along with DIY inspirations!

Their stories, our community

Celebrating 30 Years of Helping Our Neighbors in Need!

Valley Outreach works to provide the most basic human needs of food, clothing, and emergency financial assistance for heat, housing, and other crucial needs, to eligible St. Croix Valley residents. We provide these services in a welcoming and non-judgmental manner that maintains our clients’ dignity. Our service delivery model in each of our three programs is specifically designed to demonstrate our focus on respect, support, empowerment, and providing hope to our clients as they move towards self-sufficiency.

Our Neighborhood

In recent years, the increase in poverty levels in the suburbs has actually surpassed those in the cities. The elderly, the disabled, the family about to lose a home... these are our neighbors, and it is our privilege at Valley Outreach to partner with our community to provide relief, support and hope in times of need. Washington County is the third wealthiest county in Minnesota, and 49th wealthiest in the United States. Yet such statistics hide the sad reality that many people in our St. Croix Valley neighborhoods are either struggling or are unable to provide the basic necessities of food, clothing, heat and shelter for their families. Over the past few years, the need for Valley Outreach’s services has grown tremendously. Of those in need, almost 40% are children, and roughly 20% are elderly and/or have a mental or physical disability. For a variety of reasons, many of our neighbors - both young and old- find themselves in need of basic necessities.

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Valley Outreach is a bridge between the crisis of the moment and the solution of the future. We help our St. Croix Valley neighbors in need of food, clothing, emergency financial assistance, and other support while respecting their individual dignity and offering them encouragement and hope.

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