Financial Donations

Your dollars make a difference at Valley Outreach.

Every dollar donated helps us serve the community and ensures we are a consistent presence for those in need. We accept cash donations in a number of ways and work hard to be good stewards of the gifts we receive. Gifts to Valley Outreach are tax deductible and accepted online, in person and via the mail. 

Other Ways to Give 

Matching Gifts – Many companies make matching gifts when their employees either donate their time or money to nonprofit organizations like Valley Outreach. Check with your company to see if you can amplify your gift through a matching gifts opportunity. 

In Memory, In Honor and Special Occasion Gifts – Giving to Valley Outreach is a wonderful way to honor a person (or their memory) or celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or family reunion. Just make a note in our online donation form, when the donation is mailed in or when coordinating a food and fund drive. 

Gifts of Stocks – Gifts of stock or mutual fund shares offer attractive tax benefits while at the same time providing the satisfaction that you are helping people receive the personalized support they need. Learn more here: Stock Transfer Instructions (.pdf)

“I think we have to draw back into our community and say, OK, I can't change what's happening on the other side of the world or the other side of the country, but what can I do to help, right here, in my community today?” —Kathy, volunteer and donor
Valley Outreach

Valley Outreach

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